She is a Prolific global speaker, author and a mighty vessel of God


Prophetess Zimasa Ngondeka ,is the lead Pastor of Christ solution centre church .
She is a market place Apostle and Prophet that has a mandate of God to raise transformational Leaders .
She is a Management Accountant by profession and a formidable business woman .
She is a highly sought after conference speaker that dispenses the mysteries and wisdom of God .

Prophetess Zimasa Ngondeka

Lead Pastor

Prophetess Zimasa Ngondeka

Lead Pastor

About the book and Author

Prophetess Zimasa Ngondeka , Is an ordained minister of the gospel and Lead Pastor of Christ Solution centre church .She is a sought after conference speaker, Thought leader  , teacher and revivalist with a strong passion  for  Youth and women empowerment  initiatives .She has dedicated her life to serving God and humanity .She is an Accountant ,Philanthropist  and  serial l entrepreneur in different industries .

She is the founder of Women of Influence Network and prayer Intercessors, The Zimasa Ngondeka Empowerment foundation which provides support necessary to Oppose  education injustices affecting the lives of children  in the society and imbalances in order to promote societies .

What to glean from the book …

  • In the So he left , So what book,Zimasa  draws on her decade of experience in interacting and mistering to women ,She also shares her own life journey scattered with obstacles .
  • Through Zimasa ‘s classic clarity & practicality of scripture expository ,you will learn how to overcome life obstacles , how to look back at  your life trauma  encounters and turn them into pivotal , propelling and destiny defining changing  moments .
  • Make daily  choices to position you to fulfil your purpose and maximise  your potential
  • She gives women the keys to identify  barriers to keys of healthy relationship barriers
  • She also explores the empowerment that comes  from preparation  and  outlines  the steps to independence  through dependence on God .
  • This book promises to help you move past your failures , life setbacks  in order




  • Lastly , Zimasa  is sending out a clarion call and reminder to all women that they are the Epicentre of Christ second coming  and they need to learn how to break their Alabaster Oil.

Transforming lives

I met Prophetess Zimasa at a pyjama all night prayer in 2016. At the time that I met her nothing in my life was going well and I was unemployed. After going through a series of prayers and coaching I finally got a learnership that she had previously prophesied that I would get. 9 months into my learnership I got a permanent post. Right now I am fully employed and even bought a new car. I have also discovered my calling under her guidance and in the process of developing and growing in it.

During the prayer and fasting I was praying the prayer points you gave it was not an easy fast indeed more especially I was dealing with family foundations, breaking of generational curses, and in my family there were some clashes that happened after my grandmother's funeral we lost communication with my great grandmother ever since the funeral as we found some funny things underneath the mattress and we haven't spoken since 2017 and today . I was told that she called saying she wants to make peace with the family and apologize for all the things she has done to us. I know that the change is because of the prayer and fasting.

I had anxieties,panic attacks and insomnia. Nothing was going right in my life, went for therapy and consultations at the hospitals, nothing worked. Going to work was even worse because I just couldn't function at all. I wasn’t productive and I was feeling like I'm loosing my mind, my little sister introduced me to Prophetess Zimasa, she came to my house and we prayed and continued praying for a week and everything changed for the better, to this day I've never had any problems or any attacks and even better I was moved to a better position at work. My life has changed for the better and now I'm currently serving under Christ Solution Church and enjoying my soft life